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It is really terrible what Holder has done to race relations in this country.. This letter outlines clearly how Holder has judged police as guilty before any evidence is in. The man is obsessed by race. He is a disgrace.
Sorry, but I will stick to having the Democrats as political opponents, not the people you just cited. Whining, complaining, paranoia, and defensiveness are NOT a recipe for winning elections.
The people who bash him couldn't do what he did - endure seven years in a North Vietnamese prison tortured every day. He is pro life and a good man.
Join the demos. Your paranoia and defensiveness are NOT what the republican party needs.
Why not give them a chance. There has been a democratic Senate for 8 years.
All the guy has to say is "Good Morning," and you guys call him a RINO.
They are all career politicians. Republicans who keep criticizing our own are our worst enemy.
What he meant was it is time for some hard work. The man gets no credit for what he has achieved in the House. Thwarted Obama at every turn.
He won't be. I like him and I am as conservative as they come.
Boehner makes more sense than the harping against him and his leadership.
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