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I really don't know how Obama ever got elected in this racist country!!1
Can you imagine what the press would have said if George W. Bush had decided not to go to the border because he "didn't want a photo op." They would have crucified him! What hypocrisy!
I am 68 and a grandma. I love makeup. i'd love to give this lady a make over. (and a new hair do) She (and we) deserve better.
Every sentence in your post is untrue. If you know what you posted is untrue, you are reprehensible. If you believe what you posted, you are beyond stupid.
Mller doesn't care. He has his pension. He is a living advertisment for more accountable government.
Charles Ramsey is a hero. I find his comments refreshing. In our politically correct culture it is forbidden for a black man to speak candidly about "pretty white girls."
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