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Neither abortion nor birth control should not be part of healthcare. .Reproduction should not be controlled by the government. The more government controls healthcare, the more government invades female bodies with its choices and its rules.
The Pope is pro-life. I guess Pelosi just called the Pope dumb.
Many people still don't realize the damage that has been done. They claim it is Fox News raising false hopes again like in the 2008 election.
The subsidies are designed to keep the Dems onboard until after the election when all prices go up and benefits go down. When do they get their subsidy? I would bet they see a reduction in deductions from their paychecks, so that it appears they are richer. The Dems know how to buy votes, so I would bet it works this way or if not, it will be made to work this way as soon as they figure it out.
One wonders whether we will see violence against the people who are destroying what has been built over so many years? I would not be surprised.
A second group of people hit hard by being forced to lose their pride and go on Medicaid when they had struggled so hard to stay off any welfare program: 2. I know of two women, one a deaf hairdresser, who arrived at the age of 40 having managed to support herself and never ask for taxpayer support with all the accompanying invasions of privacy and humiliating knowledge that one is dependent on others, taking the fruits of their labor instead of one's own has lost that accomplishment and that pride.. Now, there is no choice. Premiums are too high on the ACA.. Medicaid and second class citizenship in the medical world is the only option. Defeated by the government! This is a terrible crime against such people.
I have seen no reporting on two groups of people hit really hard by Obamacare: 1. People in programs like Nevada's Access to Healthcare where premiums were $233 a YEAR, not a month, will now pay about that per month for the minimum plan with its 5 to 6k deductible, where the old deductible was 3K.
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