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You are right in a perfect world everyone would do the responsible thing but this is far from a perfect world. SS could be invested like a 401 k and like it or not we will still have to care for some. Who was it that said "the poor will be with you always".
They actually are that dumb, I know them
Many people are too stupid or too lazy
I couldn't agree more but once again this will not occur with any current political trends. Democrats and liberals DO NOT WANT people to be financially independent and able to care for themselves. Why would they need big government? dems have a vested interest in keeping people on the plantation to maintain their power. don't hold your breath.
Good luck with that. Nonwhites and entitlement voters need to grow up and become mature citizens. With the constant barrage of victim hood sent toward them everyday by the propaganda masters, I don't hold out much hope. They are new souls.
But congress will do nothing they are spineless. The most disastrous administration in American history will about its business of hate, envy and corruption and no one will do a dam thing. Pathetic.
The problem is that the voters re elected him I believe that liberals still love him as anti Americanism is their creed. He isn't going anywhere and we will unfortunately see his type again. It's depressing
Homophobes? Are you serious? Come out of your cave doc
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