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Glad to see someone set the record straight on the difference between MEDICARE and MEDICAID. MEDICARE is not free, a monthly premium is paid each month for individuals on MEDICARE, plus a premium for supplemental insurance.
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Has the President Been Lying?

Kathleen167 Wrote: Nov 02, 2013 3:36 PM
Heck yes!
How many out of those six ended up on Medicaid....my guess is SIX.
My family settled in the city of Cincinnati in the 1850s...it was a city made up of hard working Germans, Irish and Italians...unfortunately today it is made up of the entitled Obama slaves and their slave masters.
We won't have to have Malkin report these horror stories because we actually will be experiencing the pain for ourselves. However, the Obama voter will blame the GOP, the TeaParty, etc. for the mess...of course, the national media will promote this shift of blame to anybody but, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Dems....
There you go....Who besides McCain and Graham is attacking the TeaParty? The last two years of Obama administration will look like his first two years and WE THE PEOPLE WILL BE ROLLED OVER because we on the right can't get our act together...Even Jesus wasn't prefect. So go ahead sir vote for your third party candidate...and don't be surprised when a democrat is elected.
Agree with you 100%. Let Obamacare crash and burn on its on merits. The GOP trying to save us from Obamacare is a mistake.....they are only setting themselves up to be the fall guy. After Nov., 2014 election we will see the GOP as the minority party in both the Senate and the House since they won't be able to please everybody on the right....very pessimist on the future of this country.
Personally I don't think his option Medicaid was a mistake....There are some people who work who do receive food stamps and housing that is subsides. Perhaps being sent to Medicaid is the left way towards universal healthcare. For four weeks now my husband and I have been dealing with an insurer that never gives you a straight story and loses prescriptions. We will all end up with nightmare stories....we will be paying more, have more headaches with insurance companies, higher deductibles and less choices. No doubt the Democrats will blame the GOP for this mess and the lower info will believe that this is true.
Apparently, you don't know that the police is investigating Zimmerman's wife charges because they could find no evidence against Zimmerman and charges could be brought against the wife for making false charges..
Of course, the Matthew Shepherd Foundation would disagree with this book because if the book is true...then their foundation is bogus and contribution could go down. The same thing with the Martin case...great publicity for Sharpton, NAACP, and Jackson, with more money will flow into their coffers. That's what it is all about money.
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