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Wasserman Schultz: Romney Wants To Take Away All Of Women's Healthcare

katepatate Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 11:28 AM
May this highly unlikeable, polorizing woman continue to be the voice of the Democrats. She just makes those of us who love this country and don't believe the lies of the liberals want to vote to get all of them out this fall. We have lived under their domination and the Rinos domination for far too long and it is time to take back our country.

BASHIR: "You've never struck me as someone who overreaches or makes grandiose claims about a forthcoming election."


WASSERMAN: "Ya know, wanting to take us back to a time when insurance companies could drop us or deny us coverage simply because of our gender being considered a preexisting condition."

Wasserman Schultz is preaching right out of the Democrat 101 playbook: When it comes to politics, no hysteria is bad hysteria. Behold this sober statement from Ted Kennedy regarding women's health (among many other...