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Oh, joy, now we will have to worry about getting blood transfusions again. Have people completely lost their minds?
Palin, Cruz, Walker, Pence, and any number of true conservatives would fit the bill for president of the United States. Christie, Romney and Bush don't resound as well..
Ann's conservatism has been lost in the liberal jungle of the society in which she runs.
Ann, I am really liking you less and less as you bash the Tea Party. If it weren't for the Tea Party's votes this time, Republicans wouldn't have had a chance. As for candidates who cannot speak well, I would take one who couldn't orate but could vote for freedom and the Constitution every time instead of a glib tongued liar who says one thing and does the exact opposite. You like Chris Christie. That is all I need to know about you. And your'e buddies with Bill Maher. You shall know them by whom they associate. We know you, Ann.
The Patriots voted this time. I don't care if the other 64% stay home every election.
Sarah Palin. Most qualified of all the Republicans mentioned thus far.
All the other networks are Obama's mouthpiece. Why is it a problem for FOX to feature possible Republican candidates?
Funny that a woman who says she speaks for women hates most of the women in the United States.
It wouldn't matter. It will just take voting in conservatives and allowing people to see how they vote and what they are for. I think this last election shows that people do not like what liberals have been doing. Conservatives do not have to prove anything to liberals. Just being completely opposed to them will work nicely.
Not one candidate Hillary backed won. I do believe the country is tired of angry, liberal women who hate babies.
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