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How about calling their relationship sodomy. It doesn't destroy a nice little word like gay and tells it like it is.
I agree about abolishing government schools which have done nothing but indoctrinate our children into good little leftist, tree huggers, and anti-capitalists. Pot is legal in Colorado and they are having all kinds of trouble with it. Children are getting hold of it. It's a mess out there.
Why do we care whether the left understands us or not? They really don't want to understand, they want to crush us because their worldview is completely opposite of ours. It's two opposite worldviews trying to co-exist. One of them has to go and the left is hellbent on destroying the conservative side. We should learn to fight them as they have learned to fight us. They use Saul Alinsky tactics. Alinsky, a truly vile, ill humored, angry man who hated the United States and all it stands for. Why should we want people like this to understand us?
I had anesthetia when I had all three of my babies and they were all born perfectly normal.
Where is your privacy invaded? You invade my very pocketbook when you want me to pay for your contraceptives and abortions. I ask no money of you. Just don't make me pay for your proclivities.
Exactly. If Christians demanded that people buy us Bibles because it is our right to have them, don't you think the left would be all up in arms? Then why should we pay for their contraceptives and abortions.
There is nothing the left does anymore that surprises me. It would be just as bad if pro-life ads showed liberals molesting babies. Oh, wait, they do molest babies. Worst than that, they want them murdered.
Just wait. That will happen. Atttacking Christians is the popular thing to do right now. some day they all will know the error of their ways. Then it will be too late for them.
The BLTandGs. They should go on the road as a singing group. Better that than hound people out of business for not promoting their filthy lifestyle.
Forcing Christians to do unChristian things is just wrong. So if I go into a gay bar can I insist the gays act Christian? When you become a Christian, it is your core being. You want to live like Christ. You want to obey what the Bible says and the Bible clearly says sodomy is an abomination to God. Therefore the Lexington commissioners are telling Christians to not obey God, but to obey them. This is not religious freedom as is mentioned in our Constitution. This is religious bigotry on display here in Lexington. How dare they? I hope this business finds a good Constitutional lawyer and sues the city for all its worth.
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School Bans Christian Club... Again

katepatate Wrote: Oct 06, 2014 6:28 PM
No, the ungodly rule right now, but that will not always be the case. You would know that if you are a Christian. One day we will rule with Jesus.
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