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Muslims are the biggest child rapists in the world. Let's not protect them. Let's protect the children.
Never let a crisis, whether it's fake or not, go to waste. Get the money while they can. We slave while they party and shack up and travel all over the world. It's just one more way to steal more of our money.
No, but having laws to tax us over a hoax that is climate change, weakens us and our military isn't funded as it should be because our money goes for this hoax.
This is why this fall's election is so important. Not one Democrat should win a seat anywhere. Then we need to start a Constitutional convention because of our lawless president.
These bimbos in Hollywood just read a script that's given them. They don't have an original idea of their own.
At least those babies will be spending their eternity in heaven. Planned Parenthood supporters. Not so much.
Glad we didn't spend our money going to her movie, Lucy, this week. We chose The Giver instead. We won't be going to any of her movies. She supports Obama and now Planned Parenthood. A true, sick liberal
I agree. Same goes for men and gentlemen.
You are wrong about just women being this way. I have seen men who are like this and this generation has many of both genders who have no core. It's because God has been kicked out of public life. My sphincters are way too relaxed.
Don't you mean crook, lyin' and stinker.
Wow, you just described a few men I know who vote Democrat.
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