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If by "middle" you mean left of Putin, then I guess they're right.
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

katepatate Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 4:11 PM
Well, Debbie Downer is just full of misinformation, isn't she? She obviously does not read polls or know how we the people are seriously angry about this current administration and its damage to our country.
What have we heard from the GOP lately about anything? Crickets. They think they can just set out and be quiet until after the election and then they will be in control and we the people will accept whatever garbage they send our way. You better wake up GOP establishment.
But we have to live within the restraints of these laws and our children are taught in government schools that sodomy is okay. Makes me wonder if they are not just grooming our children for their perversions.
Pedophilia is next. Think that's crazy? Who would have thought even ten years ago sodomites would be demanding to be married.
The Methodist church where I use to be a member has more women pastors than ever before and a friend of mine told me her woman pastor was preaching that there were more ways than one to get to heaven. If that were so, why did Jesus have to die? Feminism is destroying the Methodist church. It use to be the biggest congregation in the United State, but it has fallen drastically. Now the Southern Baptists are, but they are being infiltrated by sodomy loving pastors who agree with sodomite marriage. Satan is alive and well in many of our churches now where sound doctrine and godly principles are set to the side.
Don't bash McCarthy. He was trying to shine the light on Communists like this mayor. Maybe if he had been able to complete his job, we wouldn't be having the problems we are having today.
That mayor should be fired and next time people in Houston and all over the United States, vote straight.
Because it is a sin and we love babies. No baby should have to suffer for the sins of the mother.
If lightening strikes, you better hope you have been raptured because it isn't going to be fun for those left behind.
I have always thought the women's movement was full of lesbians because real women love men and babies. This does not surprise me at all. Just confirms what I knew.
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