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Michael Moore's so ugly his mama fed him with a sling shot.
Michael Moore's so fat he beeps when he's backing up.
Michael Moore's so fat he has his own gravity.
I'm not afraid of black people, I'm afraid of FAT people with a microphone.
First, we pray. YES, PRAY. Only God can help us out of this mess. THEN, we write letters and demonstrate. YES, demonstrate. Demonstrate like the black people did. Demonstrate like the muslims do and DEMONSTRATE like the illegal immigrants do. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Its time to turn the public opinion from AGAINST us, to FOR us. Remember, no game was EVER won by armchair quarterbacks. What you don't fight for, you will lose. Join the TeaParty. They are doing everything they can to save us.
I'm still not convinced that our own CIA, FBI or some other "op" didn't orchestrate the killing of those children for purposes of confiscating our weapons. It seems odd that we have had soooo many shootings in recent days. We had the movie theater, the mall, the school, the fireman I have lost faith that my government means me no harm. I believe there is a plan in place to disarm us, then put us in Fema camps when our economy collapses. After that? A Feudal system.This has been coming for a long time. Wake up. "Give me liberty or give me death."
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RG III Gets 'Uncle Tom' Treatment

katekastorff Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 10:14 AM
Our government keeps blacks slaves. Slaves to food stamps, slaves to victim mentality, slaves to public housing, and slaves to poor education. Their plantation is federal prisons and ghettos. Their chains are guns, drugs, prostitution and aids. The sad thing is that their rage is directed at the wrong people-us white folks who have no skin in this game and no way to "oppress" them the way government and democratic liberal agendas do. As long as a white democrat or a black preacher tells them they are oppressed by whitey, they will believe whatever they say instead of believing the hand writing on the wall. Black people need a champion like Mr. Elder, to tell them the truth. But then, they need to believe it.
Deck the Halls with Boughs of Marijuana Fa, La, la,la...cough, cough, gag, choke...(man this shiz's goood)
Send the message. Liberals may own the media, but we own America. Send Boehner packing and the rest will get an attitude adjustment.
I'm going to write to this school and demand they fire this beotch. How can we complain about bullying in schools when the teachers do it to the students? Who will write a letter with me?
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It's Time for Media Control

katekastorff Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 9:45 AM
Dam Skippy, AnnFan. If they can send money by the boat load to Egypt, and finance every freaking clean energy failure on the planet, they can pay for armed guards. They pay for them for THEMSELVES!!!
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