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"Are you insane?" at 6:25, In a nutshell. "The president is outside the line"
You must be talking about the already elected.
colossal SHAKE DOWN.
spoken by someone who obviously doesn't 1. know how the ACA is structured to punish and financially destroy or 2. how the health care specialties integrate their expertise to provide immediate care to human beings in physical need. The "New" Health Care Model you are imagining doesn't exist. This is a disaster.
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Who Shut Down the Government?

Kate168 Wrote: Oct 05, 2013 10:11 AM
If I had to choose between "stupid" or "Lying" I would go with Lying. Foolish, Willful, hateful, arrogant and all those other character detriments just add to the Lying propensity.
How about Michael Savage...who clearly discusses issues of great importance and tackles ideas and political events with gusto, keen insight and resolve. His demeanor is unique and the snobbery of the elitist mindset unfairly blacklists him. He has a following of millions and best selling books. Bill Whittle has been maverick in his presentations as well with polish and consistency; neither are for sale. The above list models itself on the hollywood list of who's who for the Oscar. It reminds me of Clinton getting Father of the Year and Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. The People will decide for themselves.
You are either a paid troll or a volunteer troll
You are either misinformed or a paid troll
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Gun Grabbers Beware the Tides of Snark

Kate168 Wrote: Sep 15, 2013 8:52 PM
Kkaila, This is what happens when you retire from prostituting and start banging the keyboard to pull traffic to a site (which is probably porn).
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