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Friday Fun: The Obamas Would Like to Get Out of Washington

katarina3 Wrote: May 06, 2012 12:33 AM
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Obama No one is stopping you. It's ok - really. Please, please, please leave. And don't forget your 2 kids. Oh B'rack don't forget your mother-in-law. Would't want you coming back because you forgot something. Now please go. The American people, the real American people - those that love America & know America is the greatest county - have work to do. Good bye. Signed A true American.

Being the president is hard, and the Obamas often deplore how difficult it can be for them to leave the socio-political confines of D.C. and get in some nice, relaxing leisure time. ...Heh. Here's hoping they're afforded all the leisure time their hearts desire after this November!