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And you paid it when you jumped willingly and quickly on the immigration band wagon with Schummer! RINO at best
Financial reparations have already been paid over & over.
How many private sector businesses directly impact your tax returns?
Today, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was told to fall on sword for Barry Sotero - aka B'rack Obama
Changing one devil for another What is it with Arizona voters, First they keep re-electing that Democrat in hiding McCain & now Pryor? Get rid of McCain, Pryor & let's vett the Ariz voters fir being idiots
@bdillion - again F off
@Dick5450 OOH RAH! @ddillon - F off
Until she's confirmed I won't believe any win. After all she's running against the usual liberal so the party is getting ready with their own ballots that will throw the election to the lib.
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