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The High Road Led Straight to Defeat for Romney

karpe diem Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 12:35 PM
when the Israelites complained to Moses that they do not have the beef they had in Egypt he told them they will have so much beef that it will come out of their noses, and this is a good metaphor for how republicans should not resist obama's running this country. people will have it come out of their noses and they will be the ones screaming for republicans to bring sanity to gov't.

If Election Day is about picking winners, the morning after is for post-mortems. That's when we slice open the losing campaigns, set aside the hundreds of millions of dollars that gush out, and pick apart the cause of death.

Why did the Romney campaign fail? Maybe the country is now GOP-proof. That is, maybe a Constitution-guided, free-market, limited-government candidate no longer can "appeal" to the majority of the electorate. It could be that the death knell rang early this year once 67.3 million of us, or one in five Americans, had come to depend on federal assistance, formerly known as "the dole."