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The Bullying Left Exploits Sandy Hook

karpe diem Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 1:07 AM
i have not seen even one comment on the fact that people who own guns have the duty to lock them in a secure cabinet and the key not be available to children. why Mrs. Lanza hadnot done that, especially knowing that she had an unstable son is beyond me. sometimes a very simple solution is best, an people with the foresight to protect everyone are what is needed.
Chicago Undercover Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 2:21 AM
This was a 20 year old man, not a 5 year old. I'm fairly certain that he know how to operate a locking mechanism. Locks only work when the person is not knowledgeable enough to operate them.
Second....really? We're already going to blaming the mom? She didn't do enough? She was irresponsible? Oh, wait, there's one more thing.....she was the first one killed.
When are people going to get the clue? There is no stopping evil.

The horror of the massacre of innocents at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. struck at the fabric of the American tapestry. Virtually every American has spent the last few days in a haze -- shocked at the nature of evil, confused and frustrated by the inability to prevent such an atrocity, fearful at the possibility of such a monstrous occurrence repeating itself.

It is only natural in such times to discuss what we can do differently to prevent such things from happening. Nobody wants to see dead children, grieving parents or bullet-riddled schools. Nobody. We may...