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Obama's Unfulfilled Promise Change

karpe diem Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 1:26 AM
we all know that when obama was a student he smoked pot. from what we see in his kind of "leading", if you can call it that, or "running" as in for election, i am sure he never stopped smoking it. he obviously cannot focus, he is jittery and angry all the time, he cannot stay on subject. how much more evidence do we need that this man is not doing his job, he just smokes pot and reads his teleprompter, and someone is hiding in it to cover for him. we can change washington from the outside, so lets do it!!
glenbo02 Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 3:33 AM
There might be more to his inability to focus than that, rachel. Judging by his sexual escapades in the men's bathhouses in chicago, there's a good chance that he's got syphilitic insanity. And there's no reason to discount HIV/early AIDS.
Rock Strongo Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 5:46 AM
Corndog2 Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 6:21 AM

Nice one!
Thanks for the belly laugh this Monday morning.

"The most important lesson I've learned is that you can't change Washington from the inside," Barack Obama said in an interview Thursday on the Spanish-language Univision network. "You can only change it from the outside."
A better way to put it is that Barack Obama has proved he can't change Washington from the inside.
One case in point is the comprehensive immigration legislation Obama promised to steer to passage in his first term. The Univision interviewers, who asked tougher questions than the president has been getting from David Letterman or various rappers, zeroed in on this...