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Love's Day is Long

karpe diem Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 12:38 AM
what a wonderful gift you have, Mr. Greenberg! i love your writing and i read you every single day. thank you for making this a brighter day for me, and maybe for many others.

Consider this a love letter to a lady I saw only for a moment. Thirty years ago. She was passing on a trolley car, and I was on a bus headed in the opposite direction. It was in a city called Leningrad back then. I wonder if she's still living. Has she changed as much as Russia has since? Or maybe she hasn't changed very much at all, as Russia hasn't.

She lingers in the mind. Today an older but no wiser newspaperman in Little Rock, Ark., sits down to write 800 words about Valentine's Day and there she is again....