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those people changed their minds because they are politicians with no principles. They say what will bring the most votes, and they put the finger to the wind and they say the way the wind is blowing. You cannot be a politician and have principles in this climate, which is a terrible tragedy.
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Conservatism Is The New Punk Rock

karpe diem Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 1:17 AM
you are so correct. The Liberals - which is really a misnomer, they are the enslavers - have no idea what to do with freedom, they cannot imagine starting a business, or an enterprise. No other generation before them would have demonstrated in front of Wall Street where free people create wealth for even the not rich, they believe when Obama says "you did not built your business", they do not even understand that they did built their business, gov't had no part in it. They will never be more than the water carriers and wood choppers to this nation, left behind by the enterprising young who are not liberal.
Yes, those of us who saw those who voted for Obama and his cronies are the useful idiots of this country, first of course they had to be idiots to be useful, and they were.
God gave the Arabs a peace of heaven, called Gaza. It could have been a place like the French Riviera, a second Hong Kong, a place blessed with beautiful beach, good climate, fertile land and it could have been a very successful place, but the wrong people live there, people who enslave their own people, where children are killers, where tunnels are dug with the labor of children, and where the heads of this terror organization live in luxury that their people do not even dream of, all with money the kind hearted misguided people of the world give them freely. so the world is watching and still support those thugs. Why????
do you see where Arabs put together with any nation and do live in peace with it? They do not live in peace even with one another, with their own kind of nations. This is in the DNA but the world does not wish to believe it. Soon the world will be made to believe.
" two great peoples" Wrong: One great People, one lousy people. Here, I fixed it for you.
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Martial Law and a Would Be King

karpe diem Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 1:48 AM
i do not know if this is a probable scenario, it is possible that this is the plot Obama is planning to do. But we are a nation of gun owners, and the guns should be used for some good purpose. Maybe the military will not cooperate, even though Obama is the Commander in Chief. If the army does not obey orders who is going to force them? I believe that both the army and the people with their guns will stand up to him. If Obama has the army against him who will follow his orders? I do not think this scenario is as good as done.
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Will Obamacare Cost You Your Job?

karpe diem Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 1:02 AM
this is a misnomer. Obamacare is not a healthcare program, it is a program to bankrupt the government, and then to bankrupt anyone who has a little money left. The employers will figure out how they can avoid paying for health insurance, either by having no full timers or by having no more than 49 employees, so taxes will not go up if companies do not make more profit and gov't will have to subsidize more people, so either way gov't will have to run much bigger deficits. No new business will be created, people will be poorer and thus be on the dole and this whole economy will collapse.If Obama wanted to destroy this country's economy he could not have come up with a better thing than Obamacare.
i think the republicans should have their convention in Texas. It has low unemployment, no State Income Tax, lots of money from oil exploration, a very succe0ssful economy, smart and active governor who is putting the National Guard at the border to protect the country when our President is playing golf and does not know how to run government. They should not have the convention in Detroit any more than they should not have it in Chicago, those cities are much too dangerous, crime is high, and murders are an every day occurrence.
the only thing to do with this peace of waste is to void it, every word of it, and just go back to a system of coverage we used to have, that is why God created insurance companies, who were in the business of insuring people. The democrats are and never were in the insurance business, they were totally ignorant of how it works, how it is paid for, how to provide care without involving the gov't, the IRS, penalties and subsidies. This is such a mess that the more they try to fix it the worse it gets, people who had good care now have none or have inferior care at higher price, and those who were not covered before are still not covered together with many who used to be covered. Treatments are not given, people are dying, and the costs will just keep going up and subsidies will either bankrupt the country or have to be modified for the country to survive. All this could have been avoided. But we have to thank one person, Justice Roberts, for doing this much harm to the country, even though he stated that it is not his job to protect us from what or who we voted for. It is true it is not his job to do that, but it was his job to see that this was not a constitutional law and he could have joined the minority and thus create a majority. I will never, never, never forgive Justice Roberts for the damage he did to this once beautiful country.
why does anyone still watch this station? if you want to get lied to just read the PRESS-TITUTES' newspapers. get the same thing without using electricity.
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