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I am sure "Mr". Brown - I just love to say this, as I am sure he was never called Mr. when he was alive - was worth it!!!
It will happen!!
no matter, no new supreme will be confirmed while obama is a lame duck.
we have a problem whether she recovers or not. If she stays on she is a lefty and we do not want here there, and she will resign we are sure to have someone like her or worse. However, no one like her will be confirmed with the new congress, this is our insurance policy and I hope they will do what they can not to confirm someone like her.
isn't it a bit late to say to the whole country Mea Culpa!! Because of eediots like this one we have Obama in the first place, and then we have Obama to boot!! What have they done to us!!!
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Elite Contempt for Ordinary Americans

karpe diem Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 1:15 AM
If you follow Mr. Gruber's logic the ignorant public should also not be voting for candidates, they are just too stupid to understand what they are doing, right? I believe that the American public knows more than Mr. Gruber gives it credit for, and now he exposed who is the read eediot in this case. The American voter rejected Obama and his democrapps and their government, and by doing so they showed they stupidity. Right, Mr. Gruber ? They also rejected obamacare in big number because of their stupidity, Right Mr. Gruber?
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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

karpe diem Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 1:01 AM
Actually he does not understand anything!!! This thug Brown hit the police man sitting in his car, he hit him in the fact and in his eye when the policeman was not even standing close to him, so how is he guilty? Brown was committing a crime minutes before he approached the police car he was not provoked by any means, we do not know why he approached the policeman sitting in his car, at least I did not read any explanation of that. And from that things just got worse, he tried to get the gun - why? just because or he wanted to use it?
does planned parenthood go and force young single pregnant women, maybe college girls, maybe teenagers who did not even finish highschool, to have abortions?? the girls all come to them!!!
it is not worth ending lives, but those who created them did not plan to have them anyway, they were created mindlessly, the mothers probably thinking that they would not could not get pregnant by having sex.
Absolutely wrong!!! the old have made this country what it is today, they were the WWII soldiers and the home builders and the teachers and the secretaries and the seamstresses and all the others who built this country. They were never expected the gov't to take care of them, and it did not, and they paid into Soc Sec all their working days.
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