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Miller: Okay Fine, That Terrible 'Planted Question' Idea Was Mine

karlinsync Wrote: May 21, 2013 3:22 PM
Where is the justice going to come from in the Election 2012 when a corrupt administration used their power of authority to silence good hearted Americans afraid of their Federal Govt. Was the Presidental election tainted? Heads need to roll to send a message. Let Election 2014 be about the rise and power of God loving Tea Party Americans at the ballot box!!

One of the bizarre permutations of the ongoing IRS scandal is the manner in which the agency made the story public.  As you'll recall, the revelation came in the form of IRS official Lois Lerner's response to a question asked at a public Q&A session with the American Bar Association.  National Review's Kevin Williamson quickly surmised that the question itself may have been coordinated in advance to give the appearance of an "unplanned," and therefore forthright, public mea culpa.  His suspicions were confirmed by acting IRS commissioner Stephen Miller during last week's House...