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Thank you Judicial Watch!! It is painfully evident that Congress won't do a dam* thing holding corrupt Holder accountable. Issa just blows smoke to the American people.
Tell Queen Obama to stay the hel* out of other people's lives!! And while you're at it tell her to STOP taking vacations using the taxpayer's monies!
Democrats go blow smoke up where the sun never shines. You dishonor those brave individuals that were murdered and where the mighty US did not lift one finger to rush to their rescue! You blowhards walk around the capital with more security than apparently the embassy!!
If true, great news! If the country of India can change direction of lackluster leadership so can America. The direction we are going is so against the values of America it is disturbing.
She should just go away!! She is pathological liar, corrupt, and just bad news for America! The drama of this administration is so sickening that ANYONE is better that another Clinton! GO AWAY
Yes, Sen. Levin from Michigan is a corrupt weasel that abused his office against core Americans. He is finally retiring!!! Good shot that a Republican candidate will take his seat as the next Senator out of Michigan who will also take down Reid!
NEVER saw King Obama cut back on spending the Americans' taxpayers dollars on his vacations! This is really deplorable but then again what do you expect from Obama's leadership?
Reid is a disgrace to the democratic process. He is evil. Can' wait to watch 2014 election and see his Party become the minority. Paybacks are a bitc*!! This country is desperate for jobs. Reid is a job killer.
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See No Evil

karlinsync Wrote: May 08, 2014 11:51 AM
Excellent reporting Mary Katharine! The trouble with this country is the absolute lack of investigative journalism by MSM. Thank God for the internet and you!
Pelosi is an ideology progressive liberal IDIOT!
I'm all in for Gov. Walker!! What a real breath of fresh air and sunlight! Florida Bush is an idiot if he thinks Americans would vote for him!
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