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This Rep. Walz idiot says that their needs to be a broader discussion! Where was ANY discussion before they voted and shoved down American's throat this insane Bill. In fact, why didn't he read it before they voted for it! Kick them out of office.
Here's the problem. Issa is all talk and not one iota of results to bring forth action against the corrupt King Obama's federal government. The Constitution is in place. Who will stand up and defend it not talk about it!!
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T.J. Oshie: 'The Real Heroes Wear Camo'

karlinsync Wrote: Feb 16, 2014 11:27 AM
Thank you Oshie! You are indeed a special American during these times when we need blessings to our troops. God Bless.
THANK YOU Tenn.!! You stood for freedom to carry on the American dream. A great statement against the corruption of Unions and their underhanded tactics! A real reason to celebrate.
King Obama and his wife is taking America to the cleaners and laughing all the way. What a showcase of "in your face" talk the talk but screw the walk. And just think, after they leave office his life style is with the royalty.
Now I really know the Republican Party is in trouble! Republicans need new leadership NOW!
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Obamacare and Work Ethic

karlinsync Wrote: Feb 13, 2014 11:28 AM
Why would ANYONE start a business if the government is demanding employers to pay their hired help what they deem appropriate. This is insanity. It is a perfect example of elected officials NEVER working a job in the real world. Just stupid politics!
Fiscal Responsibility means NOTHING to Congress members. King Obama and his Courts wins again against middle class Americans. Fire them all and start over!!!
These lying Congressmen should be dock pay for every lie they tell. They have insulated themselves from the real world and no matter how hard they make it on the middle class they suffer no consequences!! Throw all the bums out in Nov. and start a new! The monarchy must die!!
My parents old me to never, ever lie. It will come back to bite you. Apparently, this was never a lesson to the Democrats in Congress. YOU LIED. The train wreck is here and it is destroying America. Vote the lying Democrats out of office so Republics can kill his horrible Bill. Conress cannot be trusted with America's onies.
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Republicans to the Rescue?

karlinsync Wrote: Feb 04, 2014 8:41 AM
Thank you Dr. Sowell for a very well written article. Wish the boneheads in Congress and the NRP would see this very clear message the rest of us Republicans believe. Gosh the old guard is a bunch of idiots!
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