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So it is finally starting to sink into his thick head that the BUSH tax cuts helped to bring the country to its knees, destroyed the middle class and brought income disparity that this country has not seen since the 1920's. Appears as though he is feeling a wee bit ashamed of himself - as he should
His book bombed didn't it?
That is because no one wants to hear him speak. Who would pay one of the worst presidents ever $100,000 only to see no one show up.
Which is exactly why McCain lost - Palin not only looks like a brain-dead "hockey" mom - she is.
Flagged for lying, for being an *hole and using hate-filled language
Resist wrote: Hey, Krazy Karla! It looks like the "c00n" wheels, among other things, are coming of the KKKlown kar! Yes, I remember you. You really need to read this: A National Travesty NBC edit NYT lie ABC lie MSM's reverse OJ Simpson-Newsweek CNN's "C00ngate" And, an Al Sharpton-pompadoured buffoon in a racist-baiter's tree. _________________________ Good example of men degrading women (if you can call this thing a "man")
And how is that? President Obama is an exemplary example for young adults. He is a wonderful husband and father.
What really gets me is that 90% of the posts on this thread are men
Would like to know how a "smart girl" feels when it happens to her. The chances are it probably will.
Then you should quit complaining about contraception and lecture men on taking some responsibility for their children. THAT is the real problem. Husbands walk out on wives - never to be heard from again. Try to garnish their check for child support and they quit their job and move on. These women - out of no fault of their own - are the very women you are going after. They have a hard enough time just trying to keep food on the table, take care of their kids and work at a minimum wage job.
mike wrote: Abortion is optional, period. The way to reduce unwanted pregnancies is to hold people accountable for their actions, cutting them off government funding. Birth control is dirt cheap, $20 a month, but that doesn't mean a thing, women are still getting knocked up. _____________________________________ So how do you plan on holding an unwanted infant accountable for its actions? Cut off any funding for their care? You seem to blame all pregancies on women. It takes two you know. After 30 years in social services and the legal field - it is the MEN who refuse to pay child support and abandon their children
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