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Racial Divide Worse Under Obama

karen 341 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 8:38 AM
Here was a man that said he would UNITE America and he has done the oppisite, he said he would cut the deficit in half but he has increased it by another 5 Trillion dollars. He said he would not increase Taxes and next year we will have the Biggest tax- increase in the guise of Healthcare( more taxes hidden in the bill). He said he would lower un-employment which was at 5%, but for 43 months it has been over 8% to over 10%. He has Lied to WE THE PEOPLE about Benghazi and Those that died because the Military was told to STAND DOWN, OUR bORDER pATROL AGENTS ARE BEING killed BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE THE AGENTS AND all that is necessary to protect our borders I could go onbut it you do not have the picture yet you never will.

The headline of a recent article by the Washington Post’s Peter Wallsten capsulizes, inadvertently, the supreme paradox of the Obama presidency.

“Obama struggles to balance African America’s hopes with country’s as a whole,” it says.

The story documents Obama’s struggles over the last four years, which continue today, to avoid overplaying his hand as the first black president, yet to also not ignore this fact.

But nowhere does Wallsten note the irony that four years ago many understood the meaning of Obama’s election as the beginning of the end of the perception of black America as a world apart from the...