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Small businesses are the building block of America. But the career politicians have not worked in the work force to see this. Term Limits are in order.
Hitler did this and 6 million died.
If Social Security had not been REMOVED from a TRUST FUND to the GENERAL FUND. We would not be seeing the problems that we have today. If that were to happen with TRUST FUNDS in the private sector, we would be in Jail. The Government forgets that it works for WE THE PEOPLE. Every thing the Feds touches FAILS big time and WE THE PEOPLE pay with our very existance. Get rid of the EPA (over Regulation), Board of Education (dumbing down, Homeland Security(TSA gropers) and many more that makes for a BLOATED government.
The offenders should be made to pay back the money or delete it from their next time EBT is renewed.
No money to the feds, this will slow the government and this administration that WE THE PEOPLE mean business. Hit them in the pocketbook.
States need to assert their STATES RIGHTS. Send no money to Washington, until the people in Washington sit up and take notice that WE THE PEOPLe are not being represented according to the Consitution.
Voter Fraud and rigged machines are the reasons that Romney is not the President Elect and it is a sad day for America that the PRETENDER has resorted to this level of THIEVERY to insure his win. I am sure when all is said and done it will be proven that this PARASITE Stole the election and has no right to be the prez.
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What Went Wrong Last Tuesday

karen 341 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 9:00 AM
Voter Fraud and rigged machines on a grand scale.
Voter Fraud and rigged machines!
We need to have a recall like they did to Walker. How many signatures do you need for this?
This election was riddled with Voter Fraud and rigged machines just like 2010 and still the unions are maintaining these machines. As long as the unions are for the PRETENDER AND we have voter intimadation this will continue. The reason it is called Election Day is because that is the day you vote, not this weeks or a month in advance. By having early voting it makes it easy for those who pile a bunch of people who live no where near the areas are bussed in to vote. The only ones that should be allowed to vote early is the Military, infirmed and residents going to be out of state.
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