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Thanks. but I forgot to mention what he and the other pigs are waiting for in their innocent-as-their-driven-snow-la-la-la-environment; their multitude of virgins. Yehaw!!
There won't be any, no apologies no nothing....and HE KNOWS! He goes on as though he is as innocent as the driven snow, but he does it with his typical, arrogant smirk.
My mother is 93 and one thing I am happy for her is that I know her time, like all of ours, is more limited on this earth than mine, and she won't be here for the magnanimous crumbling. She was a nurse in the war, and loves her country and has watched in disbelief. She is still sharp, however, and keeps up with the truth. My father is deceased and for that I am also thankful. What sadness I feel, a loss so deep, for my grandchildren and the young people. Okay liberals in Hollywood...you still concerned who slept where, whose baby-daddy is, what you're wearing on the red carpet? Gag me.
All believers no matter what denomination are sitting ducks. The marxist and his socialists have their sights on us. The fools who put their king in office and everyone who loves this satan, think they are immune. Sorry fools... there is no vaccination that can keep you safe, or invisible.
Oh I know..it is well-planned and thought out by the marxist, but morons think he parted the Red Sea. I am shaking my head in utter frustration and agonizing about our country. I am sick beyond words.
Agree. I will not watch it, just hearing about the filthy scum makes me want to hurl. These are the people obammy wants us to welcome with open arms--without "arms." He is as bad. People have gone to sleep and only wake for their free phones, EBT cards/food stamps, welfare checks. Nothing else matters because they DON'T GET IT! They are holding hands singing kumbiya; but they feel good!
Please wake me from this unbelievable, ghoulish nightmare. And OMG...I dreamt that the liar-in-thief appointed seven or eight muslim buds to his radical group...crazy huh? Truly now, I feel as though I am living in a surreal world. Hey wait! I think I see Alice in the rabbit hole!
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President Obama’s Belfast Blarney

karen316 Wrote: Jun 22, 2013 8:00 AM
Barry Hussein sure likes to wag his finger at others, what a hypocrite fool! He mentioned "when he was a child how schools were segregated in the US." He was never IN the US as a boy!! What phonies..these political-ites talk of how great public education is, how everyone should be the same, and yet, most of them doing the bitching send their little tykes to the elite schools. Still waiting for him to spew same rhetoric about Muslims and their schools... however, my brain would starve from oxygen deprivation.
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