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Cease fire = retooling of Hamas weapons and supplies.
I too am one who does not believe that Emily had a real abortion. Along with all the reasons mentioned by the writer there is also the fact that she is an abortion counselor. Her job is too promote, persuade, deceive and conjole women into having abortions. What better way to do that than by answering the questions she hears everyday with a "personal touch". I am sicken with the thought of how many more innocent babies are and will be murdered by this self-serving video.
Just think the same students who read this book wouldn't be allowed to see it at a movie theater.
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Dennis Rodman Says He's Sorry

Karen169 Wrote: Jan 09, 2014 4:26 PM
When watching the video, I noticed how embarrassed his team members were acting. You could tell by their facial and body language, they wanted out. If anything, Rodman gave our enemies more fodder to use against us.
Mr. Piers, There is a reason why you don't celebrate "Kicked our butt day" (July 4th).
Again, if Obamacare is so wonderful why did Obama, she et al get on the same bandwagon? They lead by example. If they aren't participating in this "wonderful plan", why should we?
If she is so smart and thinks this program so wonderful, why isn't she on it? No envy here on how a corrupt politician continues to deceive and entrap people in this potential holocaust.
You see Obama wants immigration reform now because the illegals are his target for new voters as the low information voters wise up after being dropped by their insurance companies, followed by companies next year who will drop their health plans for their employees.
The reason why they didn't want to release those numbers is due to the fact they can't count that high.
Remember how Obama was promoted as a uniter of America in 2008. What an awesome opportunity to show the end of racism. Another promise that bit the dust.
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