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Yes, Romney Can; No, Obama Can't

Karen151 Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 5:32 PM
i think that this country should sue obama for all the stealing of our tax money, and he should pay us back with his own money ,, he got paid for not doin a job he was surpose to do ,, if we didnt do our jobs right we would have gotten fired,,, i just can understand why he that peice of sht has not been impeached for all the fraud and lies he has done ,,, he is a communist and should be impeached for treason,, he is and insult to our country, and he said that our country is not a christian nation any more and said that it is a muslim nation ,, we christians need to fight these muslim and sent them back to their communist country ,, they offend this country and the people in it,, so you foreigners from muslim countries go home

President Obama’s energy policies have kept investment and jobs out of America; Romney’s energy plan can bring money and jobs back. Analysts are picking apart Romney’s 21-page energy plan that was introduced in Hobbs, New Mexico, on Thursday. Is energy independence by 2020 possible, or is it, as the Financial Times posited, “an act of hubris?” More important than whether or not his energy play is realistic is the international implications of his “independence” assertion and how he plans to get there.

As the news coverage reminds us, “Every US president since Richard Nixon has set an...

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