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‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty Plan Undermines Immigration

kansascase Wrote: May 20, 2013 11:27 PM
The first thing we need to do is to stem the tide of immigrants coming across the border. We do this by putting them in jail for a year or so. They have trespassed into sovereign of the States and the USA. This sends a very CLEAR MESSAGE to others, and even more so when they get released. The Federal Government should assist border states with Mexico as far as funding, but it is up to each State to determine how they want to spend it - be it more agents or higher fences. No "undocumented or "illegal" alien should be given and "legal" status as they are not here legally. First thing everybody here should get on the immigration and naturalization line - at the back. Now, if there are those that will join the military, they can be bumped up a bit and it will help them to assimilate. If a work permit is not already in place, every person should have one. "Illegal" aliens frequently pay taxes. They are assigned a special number by the IRS to do so. I worked there for a bit. We discovered that many illegals were working under a single Social Security number - maybe 6 family members were using it. So, frankly, I find that the costs will be as much as stated as they will be paying into the system. Also, I would recommend that they attend American History and English classes - I believe they would have to do this anyway when their number came up or they were selected for naturalization. Start the process early and let's get these folks fluid in English so that they can work and also to help them become assimilated. We were all immigrants once. We all need to remember that, and Mexico, right now, is dangerous.
Dreadnaught011 Wrote: May 21, 2013 2:59 PM

Dear kansascase:

There is no "TIDE" of illegals coming here. What there is is an accumulated (over years) number of them. They (12 million of them) will be impossible to uproot in any practical way.

It isn't the government's obligation, either-- to make amnestied citizens "assimilate." This is a fantasy many Americans enjoy wanking on. As if WE were entitled somehow, to force private citizens to do our will. WELL, WE AREN'T.