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Defunding Obamacare: Worth a Try

kansascase Wrote: Aug 04, 2013 1:45 AM
I do not understand why this would even be something worth debating! If this is not good for the Country, why would anybody want to implement it? It appears to me that there are Republicans that are self-motived and self-serving that are only concerned about their own 2014 re-election. This is the best reason I know for term limits - just this kind of behavior. I have a wake-up call for you all - Guess what - there may be very few incumbents to be re-elected - Republicans or Democratic Socialists. Do you think they deserve to be? What have you all really done in the last 4 years other than to rubberstamp Obama's Socialist Agenda? And why do you do that? He has clearly changed the relationship between the People and their government, he makes and breaks his own rules and completely ignores Congress, in general. I can't understand why he has not even been impeached. How many Republicans are actually working for Obama - most? why" have you been paid, bought off?, why?" Do you not like this Country either? I just don't understand not one bit. You do what is best for the Country - if you are not re-elected, which you will not know until 2014, you can just join the rest of us in the employment line. At least you know you will have a job for over a year. None of us can say that. Do the Right Thing. STAND-UP and HOLD YOUR GROUND! I fight Destruction and for all that is Good. I have no fear for I AM not alone. If I can fight the Socialist Administration, so can you - for the sake of the Soul of this Country. Defy Obama - do not give him 1 red cent for this program until it is more fully studied. The more people that are involved in any decision making progress, the less the chance of it being a successful one. I do not want my life in the hands of some beauocrat. Our current government is not working well - why would we want to give any group another program? More waste, less quality. Obamacare will not be implemented. It is not doable.
I fight Destruction and for all that is Good. I have no fear for I AM not Alone. I am going to tell you a funny story that relates to how well "prepared" the current administration is for this "one Size Fits All" program. I write to Barry (Obama) pretty regularly about some activity he is currently responsible for and because of this, I get emails all the time asking for money (Debbie Wasserman, sometimes Michelle) like anybody has any money these days. So, they think that I am a Democratic Socialist, like them - I don't guess they bother to read them because if they did, they would certainly know that nothing could be farther from the Truth. So, with just that in mind, I can't see how any organization could actually make this work. It will fail and fall all about Barry's feet. Anybody that uses the common sense that God gave them knows that any organization that large cannot function with any degree of "perfection" or even mediocrity. The Health Care he wanted should have been left up to each individual State - many States already had one in place for those people that could not get insurance because of a previous health condition. Like my Dad would say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And, by increasing the number of Federal Employees and enlarging the government, it too, will not work as well. Have you ever tried to get an agreement on something when there are a lot of people involved? It is not so easy - less is more, usually. We the People will have healthcare, but healthcare that we choose. We should be able to get whatever healthcare we want by allowing competition. It is time for Barry to reconsider his commitment to this Country. If is unable to abide by the Constitution, he needs to resign. I ask him for his resignation almost every time I email him. He will quit while he is ahead. There are so many Court Cases going on right now, it is time for him to move on .... preferably to a different continent - like Antarctica. I don't think he could do much damage up there, but you never know.
The first thing we need to do is to stem the tide of immigrants coming across the border. We do this by putting them in jail for a year or so. They have trespassed into sovereign of the States and the USA. This sends a very CLEAR MESSAGE to others, and even more so when they get released. The Federal Government should assist border states with Mexico as far as funding, but it is up to each State to determine how they want to spend it - be it more agents or higher fences. No "undocumented or "illegal" alien should be given and "legal" status as they are not here legally. First thing everybody here should get on the immigration and naturalization line - at the back. Now, if there are those that will join the military, they can be bumped up a bit and it will help them to assimilate. If a work permit is not already in place, every person should have one. "Illegal" aliens frequently pay taxes. They are assigned a special number by the IRS to do so. I worked there for a bit. We discovered that many illegals were working under a single Social Security number - maybe 6 family members were using it. So, frankly, I find that the costs will be as much as stated as they will be paying into the system. Also, I would recommend that they attend American History and English classes - I believe they would have to do this anyway when their number came up or they were selected for naturalization. Start the process early and let's get these folks fluid in English so that they can work and also to help them become assimilated. We were all immigrants once. We all need to remember that, and Mexico, right now, is dangerous.
They will find a paper trail. I worked for the IRS, and with all the Internal Revenue Manuals laws and Regulations, it requires skilled actions. The paper will be found not with the managers in charge, or the Commissioners, it will be found among those that do the work. The clerks, and those that actually "worked" the cases will have some type of paper regulation or email in order to perform their actions. Look where the "rubber meets the road." Secrets can't be kept and somebody will step forward. Obama's name won't be on the document, but that is the only place it could have come from. But, at least, you will have a name on the document. Privacy is a serious issue within the IRS. We would not even share taxpayer's information with each other or a manager unless it was in the course of instruction and even then, the Social Security numbers, names and addressed were blacked out. So, for the manager to "allow" it actually means that either he or she accepted some type of bribe such as a better position, money, or that party was threatened - Chicago style. The only person that had anything to gain from these actions was Obama and his Socialists friends. The IRS took down Al Capone and they can take down Obama as the LAWS are clearly defined. Didn't they come from the same city/State. Nobody is above the LAW including the President. Congress will not fund Obamacare or HHS with the IRS being in charge - too much power in one place. There is good that can be done for those without healthcare, but this policy is doomed to failure. It makes me think that only those that agree with his philosophies would get care, those opposed would die - that sounds a lot to me like tyranny. He stands accused of attempting to "Usurp the Power of the American People" and Justice will prevail. I hope he likes Gitmo as that is kind of where I would like to see him.
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Winning After Losing on Gay Marriage

kansascase Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 11:04 AM
Respect and tolerance are an important part of the basis for this Country. We have been a melting pot for all faces, all Faiths, and all other individual choices. I support marriage between one man and one woman. It does have a Biblical basis, but, that is not why I support it. The creation of a family is probably one of the strongest alliances that most of us enjoy. It also supports the society in which we live. We were designed to procreate and to have progeny. I would accept, and hopefully, the Republican Party would accept that those parties that are committed to each other, and have entered into a civil union be allowed the financial benefits of traditional marriage. I believe that gay individuals would accept this arrangement.
This is not really that unusual. Professors do challenge the way that students are brought up, etc. Even way back when, I went through a philosophy class that quite well addressed it. I think it kind of depends upon the motive of the instruction and the school. I don't like it, but, I understand it. Perhaps, if more people had a questioning mind, Obama would not be President right now. Children, Students and adults need to understand that they should not believe everything they read and hear. They do need to do their own research to determine an appropriate position for them. At least, then they will be able to debate it based on some facts. I do weary of those "fealy" people that can't support their viewpoint.
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Obama's New Audacity

kansascase Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 8:38 AM
I don't do "Scripture Wars." Everyone has his or her own personal relationship with their Creator, if they have one. One thing, though, whether you call him Jesus or something else, He is a good example in rearing in children. Think of all the good traits that come with it - honesty, kindness, understanding, humility, love, respect etc. There is one thing that I have noticed since this Liberal movement - they are intolerant of anybody that disagrees with them and some "good" people have become more like Obama - lying, greedy, arrogant - there is nothing to stop them. If it is okay for Obama, then it must be okay. Our children are learning this.
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Obama Cements His Legacy

kansascase Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 8:25 AM
And, probably one of the most important things we can do is to give the Black pastors some air time. Many of them are coming on stronge against him for so many reasons. There is a lot of talent in some Gospel groups. Obama won't be able to relate to it, but, others will. It is also a very Powerful Message.
The situation we are in reminds me only too well of the situation that resulted in the First Revolutionary War - no taxation without representation. We have representation, but they are not doing the job that they were hired to do - fact is, nobody in Washington is. It is just plain corrupt. It is going to be up to the people to demand attention. There are a lot of ways to do this. Although, I would never encourage anybody to become a tax protestor and fail to file their tax return, or file it with a $0, or write anything regarding not filing. It is my understanding that Federal Income Tax is a "voluntary" tax paid by the population. I do not believe it is required by the Constitution. FYI
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