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Boom: Obama Administration Knew of IRS Targeting in June of 2012

kansascase Wrote: May 18, 2013 1:20 PM
They will find a paper trail. I worked for the IRS, and with all the Internal Revenue Manuals laws and Regulations, it requires skilled actions. The paper will be found not with the managers in charge, or the Commissioners, it will be found among those that do the work. The clerks, and those that actually "worked" the cases will have some type of paper regulation or email in order to perform their actions. Look where the "rubber meets the road." Secrets can't be kept and somebody will step forward. Obama's name won't be on the document, but that is the only place it could have come from. But, at least, you will have a name on the document. Privacy is a serious issue within the IRS. We would not even share taxpayer's information with each other or a manager unless it was in the course of instruction and even then, the Social Security numbers, names and addressed were blacked out. So, for the manager to "allow" it actually means that either he or she accepted some type of bribe such as a better position, money, or that party was threatened - Chicago style. The only person that had anything to gain from these actions was Obama and his Socialists friends. The IRS took down Al Capone and they can take down Obama as the LAWS are clearly defined. Didn't they come from the same city/State. Nobody is above the LAW including the President. Congress will not fund Obamacare or HHS with the IRS being in charge - too much power in one place. There is good that can be done for those without healthcare, but this policy is doomed to failure. It makes me think that only those that agree with his philosophies would get care, those opposed would die - that sounds a lot to me like tyranny. He stands accused of attempting to "Usurp the Power of the American People" and Justice will prevail. I hope he likes Gitmo as that is kind of where I would like to see him.

Earlier in the week, White House spokesman Jay Carney categorically denied that no one at the White House was aware of the IRS targeting operation prior to late April of this year.  Minutes later, he walked back his own assertion.  Then came yesterday's (brief) presidential press conference, at which a reporter asked the president when the White House became aware of the IRS abuse.  Obama's answer was parsed and evasive.  He said he personally found out about the IG report last Friday.  Both Obama and Carney clearly sought to convey a sense that the White House only became aware of...