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What Will You Say Next Year, in Two Years, and in Five?

KalvinKoolidge Wrote: Jun 29, 2012 9:36 PM
I agree, except that hardly anybody of his intellect gets radicalized at his age. He's probably been a closet liberal for a long time, just like Souter was. And if so, it's yet another example of how useless Bush was as President.

Over at I have ventured the opinion that perhaps --just perhaps-- originalists will eventually recognize Chief Justice Robert's decision and opinion yesterday as a bit of judicial genius that will be his Marbury v. Madison --the case that at first glance seemed a win for an executive whom the then Chief Justice opposed but which was in reality a huge win for the Court and the original design of the Constitution.

We won't have even a preliminary assessment for at least four months, and even if Mitt Romney wins the presidency, the success of this...