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Romney Finishes Walk Through for Primetime Address

KalvinKoolidge Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 8:19 PM
Oh, and now it looks like Jeb brought Rodney King's son to speak. Oh no, wait--It's somebody else. Anyway, Jeb is one scintillating speaker, that's for sure.

Mitt Romney just finished rehearsal on the convention stage for tonight's RNC address, where he will cap the three-day convention by formally accepting his party's nomination for the presidency of the United States. Prior to the walk through, Romney and Paul Ryan came out to take a picture with several members of Romney's campaign staff.

The walk-through itself was extremely business-like, with none of the noticeable bantering back and forth with reporters that happened during vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's walk through on Wednesday. Romney did, however, smile and wave toward the crowd at one point as a few...