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Giuliano, that is; typo.
Giluliani would be the strongest candidate against Clinton but there's nobody at all in the Tea Party smart enough to get that.
It's still too early to be able to determine why Romney lost. It'll take a couple of more months. However, it makes no sense that evangelicals would sit on their hands in large numbers on election day, considering Obama's radical positions on social issues and Romney's articulated social conservatism, even if they didn't fully trust him. Furthermore, the seasoned Christian Coalition wunderkind, Ralph Reed, was supposed to have been in charge of the evangelical GOTV effort. He's no slacker. Makes it all the more puzzling. I'm still suspicious of the vote count. The gap/disparity between the McCain 2008 vote count and the Romney 2012 vote count is startling and simply doesn't square with common sense. The vote count needs to be verified.
Romney's loss had nothing to do with how conservative or un-conserative he was. He lost because, as Pat Buchanan details, the demographics of America are now more like the demographics of California (where Reagan won landslide victories when it was largely white and conservative). Romney was too white. The country is now brown in sufficient numbers to tip the balance. Majorities of them voted in selfish, racist fashion for what they perceive to be their own self interests and they will continue to do so.
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Sarah Palin: Don't Lose Heart

KalvinKoolidge Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 3:39 PM
I'm about as conservative as they get, but I detest Sarah Palin. She was visibly pleased last night that Romney was losing. She couldn't contain her smile. It's all about 2016 for the self-serving hag. Why don't we make it a ticket from heaven--Palin-Christie in 2016. Two of the biggest idiots in the history of the Republican Party.
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Who's a Racist?

KalvinKoolidge Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 5:33 PM
Black liberals are infinitely more racist than white conservatives.
I have really come to love David Limbaugh. I like him better than Rush, actually. A very, very smart guy and a passionate believer in conservatism.
Sewer rats. That's what liberals are through and through. The current presidential election is a contest between good and evil. It's that simple.
Oh, and now it looks like Jeb brought Rodney King's son to speak. Oh no, wait--It's somebody else. Anyway, Jeb is one scintillating speaker, that's for sure.
Jeb Bush is speaking (sometimes in Spanish). Man, what an opportunity we lost in not getting him to enter the primaries, huh? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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