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We're Hiring a New CEO

Kali_Fred Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 9:53 AM
Is Romney the perfect candidate, A6? No, but is you are waiting on the perfect candidate you will be dead before that happens. So, get a clue. If for no other reason, get behind Romney to get rid of obama. If he is as bad as obama, we can throw him out too. The time for whining is long past.

Excuse me for a minute here, but someone straighten me out on something. Are we trying to put together a golf foursome here, or are we trying to hire a new president that can get our economy smokin’ and our country on a path to prosperity and greatness again. I mean, seriously? What’s with all this “likeability” nonsense?

Here’s a question for you. Let’s say you work for a company. You like your job, but the company is on the ropes. By the end of the year you could be trying to squeeze some Christmas presents and holiday cheer out...