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Romney on the Record, and On Offense

Kali_Fred Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 12:32 PM
Sorry SW. What McCain did 45 years ago was beyond most us, but since he has been in Congress, wimp is a pretty good label. Look at the campaign he ran in 2008 - pathetic. He acted like a scared little girl. Wouldn't bring up any of the many things that should have knocked obama right out of the race - afraid to upset the MSM, or his Dem pals in Congress. Pretty wimpy. It is very sad when a good looking woman has to be the pit-bull of the campaign.

Mitt Romney came on my radio show yesterday and fielded question after question on the burgeoning controversy over President Obama’s plans to gut the work requirement for welfare.

(The audio and transcript of that interview are here.)

We also covered the president’s assault on Romany Catholic schools and hospitals as well as the president’s general disdain for the inconvenient limits on his authority imposed by statute or the Constitution.

“[A]mong people who pay attention to the process of governance and who hold to the Constitution with great strength and passion,” Romney stated, “this becomes a very big issue.”