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Benghazi -- No Mere 'October Surprise'

Kali_Fred Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 10:19 AM
Sorry Mr Goldberg - but the "republican feeding freenzies" you mention seem pretty legit to me. Bush's DUI was a stupid mistake by a 20 something. The Dan Rather thing was based on falsehoods. In contrast the Democrat outrages were current and true. obama spent 20 years in a church with a pastor that openly hates America. Are you telling me that has nothing to do with the morals and ethics shown by this president? John Kerry fabricated his was record when he was a long term sitting member of Congress. Are you telling me that doesn't have relevance to how he might have operated as President? Stop pulling your punches Mr Goldberg. It cheapens your argument and your moral force.
USNbubblehead Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 10:24 AM

See my below post response to Rock Strongo's 9:08

I think I see some light in this.

Remember Benghazi!
If you want to understand why conservatives have lost faith in the so-called mainstream media, you need to ponder the question: Where is the Benghazi feeding frenzy?

Unlike some of my colleagues on the right, I don't think there's a conspiracy at work. Rather, I think journalists tend to act on their instincts (some even brag about this; you could look it up). And, collectively, the mainstream media's instincts run liberal, making groupthink inevitable.

In 2000, a Democratic operative orchestrated an "October surprise" attack on George W. Bush, revealing that 24 years earlier, he'd been arrested for drunk driving. The...