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They're hoping that Split-CA-into-six-states plan gets approved so they can have some political power again.
Wait, there were ballot boxes floating down the river? I didn't read that. Or are you suggesting that Lehmberg was the Assistant DA but arranged to have her boss offed so she could assume his position?
Wait, there were ballot boxes floating down the river? I didn't read that.
Also, even though the DA has state-wide authority, she is elected only by residents of one very deep blue county.
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Occam's Stubble Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 1:30 PM
Don't say "fire" around Bill Ayers.
The reason the left refers to the Tea Party as the American Taliban is because they've always felt that certain members of the GOP would like to establish a theocracy in the US. They see the Tea Party as the GOP hardliners and assume they're firmly in the theocratic camp. If they had done a modicum of research, they would find that the Tea Party is comprised of fiscal conservatives. Of course, they know from past experience that you can beat a Republican if you can hammer on their currently-out-of-favor views on social issues. This tactic would not work on a fiscal conservative because everyone would be agreeing with the conservative so it behooves them to paint every Republican as a theocrat.
Pedestrians have the right of way. It's the law in nearly every jurisdiction.
The Kronies: Laughing All The Way to the Export-Import Bank
I fully support a woman's right to choose......not to have sex if she's not prepared to get pregnant.
In the words of Matthew McConaughey: Right on, right on, right on!
In the 70's, a Carter was GA governor and a Nunn was their Senator. I posted on the GA GOP's Facebook page that they should produce an ad showing all the reasons you wouldn't want to return to the 1970's.
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