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The only class you and your family ever had contained the word "Remedial" in the title.
Which, amazingly enough, there is no video evidence of. That's a first since the invention of the iPhone. Even OBambi was caught by a smart phone doing his girly-man workout.
Wasn't having bases in Saudi Arabia what got bin Laden all stirred up? Democrats used to pillory Bush for taking actions that "create more terrorists." I guess now that their guy is running the show, it's all good.
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Success or Failure?

Occam's Stubble Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 12:55 PM
Which is why he announced a three-year plan. Two years of doing nothing and one year of pillorying President Cruz/Perry/Walker/Jindal as to why he has not defeated ISIS using Obama's grand plan.
Gerrymandering has been going on since Elbridge Gerry, a Democrat, invented it. How do they explain the House being held by the Democrats from the fifties to the nineties? The lesson here is not to pass unpopular legislation, cough Obamacare cough, right before a census year like, say, 2010.
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An 'LBJ law' for Kentucky?

Occam's Stubble Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 12:55 PM
Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is not up for reelection until 2018...
I wonder if it would've been different if, prior to those wars, Britain had allowed huge numbers of Germans to immigrate in, live on the public dole, not assimilate into British society, and in fact stage regular demonstrations where they badmouth Britain. Also, what if Britain refused to call them Germans and told its citizens not to molest the "Mid-Europeans" because of political correctness?
That the GA Senate seat is considered competitive tells you all you need to know. It also doesn't help that the turncoat RINO Lugar was down there giving money to Nunn.
In a fundraiser for fighting against the Democrats' Battleground Texas agenda, they said "What if there were one state that if it went GOP, would guarantee that no Democrat ever got elected president again? Wouldn't we try to turn it?" It then went on to say that Texas is the opposite. If it goes blue, there won't ever be another GOP President. I thought to myself: There's not ONE state we could do that with. There are several. California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York. CA and NY are probably lost causes but why aren't we going after PA and WI? It's because we give up too easily. If it's true that once a state goes blue it never turns red again then the republic is lost.
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Things I Don't Understand

Occam's Stubble Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 2:02 PM
Gay people believe they are born that way. Therefore, being gay is not in the same class as being obese or a smoker. Now, if there was a wide gap in the life expectancy of black men compared to Asians and insurance companies charged different rates for those groups, then there would be a case for different rates for gay men. There's no proof whatsoever that anyone is born gay but in science today all you apparently need is concensus and you've got yourself a settled science fact.
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