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Obama Administration Scraps Free Speech

Kaedis Wrote: May 14, 2013 9:06 AM
This is not new. About nine years ago I watched as a very close friend's son went, in one day, from being a student with a clear record and high marks from his teachers to being a serial sexual predator. All it took was one girl claiming he made unwanted advances and several friends of hers coming forward to say they saw similar incidents happen to other unnamed girls in the hall on unspecified days. His gender was all the school needed to decide his guilt. He was immediately suspended pending criminal investigations. Once he was accused there was no defense. All legal advice his mother got was that he should just admit to it and take his punishment. No one wanted to hear he was innocent. The school advised he be sent to a psychologist for an evaluation to determine if he was what he was accused to be. When the young man went to his appointment the psychologist informed him that he was guilty, (otherwise why would he be in the doctor's office), that he would be put on a sexual predator list and that the more he denied the accusations the more it proved his guilt. In the end he had to go to court, represented by a lawyer and face lesser assault charges. By this time all of the original accusers had recanted their statements, but the school had found new girls to make unspecified charges against him. He had to report to a parole officer through his summer and the following year he was allowed to return to school. Needles to say they moved and changed schools. It was often said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. These laws were created to protect victims, but instead it has only changed who the victim is.