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MSNBC's Harris-Perry Doubles Down on Communist Ads: Fox News Women Respond

Kaedis Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 9:13 AM
In the recent movie "The Avengers" didn't Loki say that he wanted to free the world from the burden of choice? I thought that was such a simplistic, childish motivation for a villain to have. Then I realized the Democrats are saying the exact same thing in more subtle words. The thing is, unlike the movie, in real life the crowd would have stood up and cheered! The sad truth is we have become a civilization petrified by the foundation of freedom: personal responsibility.

Over the last few weeks Melissa Harris [insert hyphen] Perry has earned herself a hat trick. First she refered to a baby in the womb as a "thing," then she declared that our things children belong to the state, now she is proclaiming that we have a right to free healthcare, free education, free housing, and free food at all times.

The Fox News women had a thing or three to say about this--including the Democrat: