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I seems to me the majority of postes here are still of the impression that most farms are owned by farmers. We are in the age of corporate farming, and they are the ones who get subsidies. Then there are families like the Michelle Bachmans who get subsidized. The rich get richer, while the small farmer still struggles and is being pushed out of the market. Monsanto really pulls all the strings.
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Is There Any Good News

kacklebarney Wrote: May 15, 2012 8:47 AM
Why use the headline "Is There Any Good News" without writing about good news. Too many of these writers spend all their time talking about all the bad news and never have anything good to say. There is always something good going on. Why is everybody so hell-bent on complaining all the time?
Please, Steven, I live in rural South Carolina. Nuff said. The cops that abuse women aren't gonna stick up for an abused woman,and the woman won't speak up because they're cops. That's what my organization is here for.
You men! If you could walk in a woman's shoes...! I work in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault, and you would be amazed at what men do to women because of the general attitude of violence and male speriority in this country. And you would be amazed at how police departments handle some cases. The reason for a Federal mandate is to bring the states up to snuff, since they don't do it on their own!
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