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Fiscal Cliff Talks Not Going Well So Far

Kachina27284 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 10:34 AM
What's the point of #2? Obama can get what he wants, increased taxation, by just continued spending There is no guarantee in your conditions that any additional revenue wold actually be used to reduce deficits and debt. The only important conditions is that any additional revenue is applied to the deficit and we return to a balanced budget. Obama and the Dems must quit spending the 2009 stimulus every year which is baked into their spending. They need a budget to do that.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but fiscal cliff discussion between Republicans and Democrats has already started and will continue after the Holiday weekend. As you can imagine things aren't going so well, which means we are more likely to see some kind of deal not in the next couple weeks, but just before or on Christmas.

The opening round of negotiations this week between White House and senior GOP congressional staffers left both sides pessimistic about their ability to reach a quick deal on averting the fiscal cliff, according to sources familiar with the talks.