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Why Didn't Obama Call Sony?

Kachina27284 Wrote: 1 hour ago (4:55 PM)
Obama is just like De Blasio in today's press conference, shifting beam to throw media for hyping the protestors' gate against cops. Progressives in office always shirk responsibility for what they say and do.
Unconditionally condemns? No justification? Pretty strange comments to make about the brutal execution of two police officers. No emotion whatsoever.
Al Sharpton. Bill De Blasio. Eric Holder. Barack Obama. This is just the first of your war against cops. You are all responsible.
Even more egregious, she shopped around campuses looking for a rape story.
We knew that this was the reason to give them SS#s. It was not so they could lay taxes. And, about that Executive Order...has it ever been signed and issued? No one has actually seen it. No record if it. Just a memo from Johnson. No paper trail fir Obama that you can impeach on.
She is definitely overdue for a tune-up, no doubt.
So, call it Hillarycare
A little voice trying to gain relevance.
But, has Obama really signed the Executive Order? There does not seem to be a federal record of it yet.
And, now they have started to destroy morale among local and state law enforcement. Do nothing that all of this furor against police and Holder's war on them is not intentional. Destroying the military and law enforcement is not accidental. It is part of the progressive plan. Obama has two more years to complete it.
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