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This is nothing, but setting up Republicans to vote against it. Then, Dems will scream about the Wsr on Women. They hope that they can turn this into a winning election issue. Truly a sad statement about the state of this country. The Dems as well as their leader, Obama, are always about politics. No issue is important, unless it benefits politically. The Dems gave become extreme on every issue.
If a candidate can not talk about and campaign on her signature issue because it is unpopular with voters, is she the right candidate? What does she have to offer?
There is that middle finger to America again.
How many oatients were saved from the ravages oh climate change during those years?
Hey, I thought when he first learned about the IRS targeting of citizens, by reading the newspaper, he was furious. So, he went from furious to not a smidgen of corruption (determined without an investigation) to it is a phony scandal. Interesting, indeed.
Why would anyone want to pay anything for a speech given by these two?
So, what exactly us it that Obama is burning to do? What can not wait? Methinks Bsrack is trying to pull a fast one again. We talking about total amnesty here? What?
Hey, Chuck, do you think that are actually any real victims of the VA investigations, or are they just the Republicans bashing the VA for political purposes? Yeah. Right, Chuck. You can go back to the White House and collect your thirty pieces of silver now. Good boy.
One can imagine that the Third Reich rose to power in much the sane way. One lawless act at a time against its citizens.
The lawless administration. Who saw this coming?
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