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In Washington, The Goal Is Control Of Private Wealth

K2KR Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 12:15 PM
If anybody seriously believed that the rhetoric about taxing the rich was really about revenues, there could be a discussion about this. But every economic argument with the Democrats fails because it isn't about economics. It is, like Austin wrote, about control and rallying the masses with speech of envy and hate. Obama the new great communicator succeeds fantastically by appealing to his audience's basest instincts. Nice job mr. president.

Are the President and the Congress trying to send our economy in to a recession?

They’re probably not trying to, no. But with the current governing philosophy in Washington, a recession has become an acceptable means to a necessary end. And the intended “end” doesn’t necessarily entail economic growth and prosperity.

That sounds harsh, I know. But think it through with me. Because as the nation’s media has been obsessed about the “fiscal cliff” and whether or not the President and congressional Republicans will work out an agreement to forestall it, insufficient attention has been paid to how the President and...