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Breaking up? No. They are going to string the Black voters along for years. Decades if possible...But the Democrats definitely have a new best friend and it is the Latino, particularly the Mexican heritage Latino voter. Hence all this immigration business concerning children, nearly open borders, handcuffing the Border Patrol, executive amnesty and more. It's rather pathetic really.
Mrs. Clinton knows one thing--whatever promotes her agenda today is true today, let tomorrow's political requirements take care of themselves tomorrow.
About the same percentage that consistently vote Democrat...coincidence?
Atty. Gen. Holder of the Democratic Dept. of Justice already said there will be no prosecutions. Should there be jail time? Absolutely, but not until the DOJ is stripped away from the Democrat Party. Congratulations to John Eastman for his win.
Points to Barack. He said he was going to fundamentally change America and he is doing it. I'm just surprised and disappointed that so many agree with him or just don't care. America is becoming transnational--we used to be one country and now we are a totally different one. We call ourselves America out of habit, not for good reason.
There is "trash talk" and there is trash that talks. LA got the mayor it deserves.
Oliver North stated last week that he was asked to lend his weight to this deal a couple of years ago and at that time ONLY money was being demanded by Haqqani. Thomas Jefferson paid money 210 years ago and that would make more sense than releasing likely recidivists.
This is the only question/challenge that should be asked of a Democrat: Please give me the name of ONE known Republican that supported "Hillarycare" back in the 90's but now opposes Obamacare (presumably because of racism).
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Harry Reid's Dementia? No. Deception!

K2KR Wrote: May 19, 2014 12:14 AM
Harry Reid and other Progressives do not define truth the way Western Civilization traditionally has with objective facts, analysis, logic, and the scientific method. Just as the Constitution is a living document, so is the truth. For him (I quote myself here) "Truth is that which promotes the political agenda. That which would hinder the agenda is false." Thus if he says something today, and then denies he said it tomorrow and then reasserts it again the following day, he was telling "the truth" every time.
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