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Too many Americans don't care...that is the trouble. It is said that two-thirds of Americans don't support Obamacare. How is it that almost half of them didn't seem to care or listen enough to know that ahead of time. As to the minimum wage, you can't legislate talent, training or experience. If you have non of the above, you get paid minimum wage. When that changes, the market place and determination changes your pay. Unfortunately, neither Obama nor most of his Administration never had a real job.
The problem isn't whether the people of the US agree with the Democrat party, the problem is that the leadership of the GOP House and the GOP Senate leadership seem to as well!!!
It may not be going away, but it isn't going anywhere either. The mainstream media will not cover it, period. And until somebody other than us cares about it, nothing will happen. If an Obama scandal falls in the woods and the media doesn't care, did it really occur?
Was it the attacks or her character that "sunk to a new low"?
If people objected to his color/race, they didn't vote for him and they NEVER approved of him, so how could "their" opinions impact his declining popularity? Answer: They don't, it doesn't, it couldn't. But the narrative promotes his agenda and so it is true.
In the "end," Obamacare insurance will be too expensive, so more and more Americans will demand and get "subsidies" from their sugar-daddies in Washington DC--then the Democrats themselves will tell America: "Why are we wasting money giving it to insurance middlemen. Let's just give it directly to the providers and "save money." Fiscal responsibility and all that. The birth of nearly universal single-payer.
You are a liar or an idiot. Republicans have bought into that scam at least twice before--they agreed to the taxes and the reforms NEVER CAME. Let's see...you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance, I will agree to entitlement reforms. SURE LET'S DO IT!!!
You're a looney.
We should likewise uphold the "dignity of students"...How can a student hope to do well in life if some teacher gives them a "D" for not having the knowledge or experience it takes to get an "A" or a "B"? A "D" Average is not a living average. All students should be given at least a B average.
First HOTTSHOTT (if you are for real), go to school and learn how to spell and write a coherent thought. Then work hard for many years and you too will be able to afford to go on vacation. Minimum wage is for people who have no marketable skills. Most of us were there at one time or another unless we skipped that and went straight to going on "welfare." In that case, you wake up one day, you're thirty years old and still never had a job for more than a few months--still with no skills and no education wondering how you can support yourself or others on minimum wage. Guess what...you can't and nobody ever said you could.
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