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Can't wait...are you planning on learning Mandarin or Cantonese...I'd recommend Mandarin as it's a requirement for he party faihful and heir trolls....
Chuck Hagel is just a talking head for the Obama administration. This is coming straight out of Obama's "aide" and mentor, Podesta, the George Soros White House representative and for all purposes, acting President and wannabe architect of a socialist America. He is destroying us while Obama plans his next golf outing and vacation. Podesta has long been an advocate of the near destruction of our military. When will we learn to stop electing the very people that want to harm our nation.
Actually, the army has not been that small since the 1930s....Back when we had to train with wooden guns and train pilots with fake wooden boxes as cockpits. One of the big reasons that WWII occurred is because the Axis powers believed we were unprepared and too weak to fight a war against them. Now with China and all the oher wacko nations, the Obama administration and the Dems are proving that they can't even read history books....or for that matter, even use common sense.
It's hard to believe that someone so stupid can rise so high....but in the government, he may be a clown, but he is just part of the front for the leftists now operating the controls of our Republic ( and derailing it at high speed). That Biden is a buffoon is a fairly conservative criticism of him. I believe that Obama picked him as a running mate, .... So that anyone who would want to harm him would realize that a real moron was the second stringer....though maybe that would be better than the great Obozo.
My grandfather always said, " A hard head makes a soft behind ( for getting kicked )."
Time to boot the UN out of the US. this organization has done nothing concrete and constructive for decades. Communism? ... someone should send all of he UN staff to a Gulag for a year or two and then note their change in ideology. These people are essentiall bozos. They live in fantasyland and seldom have a grasp of the issues or the facts.
Piers Morgan working in the American media is just plain wrong. It's crazy to have such an elitist socialist anti-American jerk poisoning our youth and our airwaves. He should be depoted, but he media in Britain has already tossed him out so he landed at MSNBC. Having him working here now is like having Tokyo Rose broadcast out of San Francisco during WWII. He should be deported and parachuted into northern Waziristan. They would literally skin him alive.
Need ID to get welfare, or EBT cards.....or to get money from your social security deposit in your checking account ( more photo iD required), but not to nullify my vote with one from motor-voter registered illegal aliens or multiple voting Democrats. I'm getting tired of all this judicial overreach by activist judges. These judges are a cancer to democracy.
It's a fact..most of the country is center-right, conservative not liberal. If we had an honest media in his out try it would be even higher. The so-called right is not right at all, but pragmatic and sensible. Just what policies of theirs do the liberals criticize with accurate and honest facts..almost none,....It's always personal attacks and hidden support for the parasitic left-wing groups and pigs at the Government trough. Left-wingers are the real extremists and we all know it. Liberals are just those profiting from the Government and those that want to.
Lib Troll Alert!
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