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Wow, way to politicize a great moment in American history to try an advance your parties agenda. So sad that Clinton was ever elected a President.
This is so typical of the Liberals. They throw out all these lies to get listeners scared. Then when it comes time to answer their remarks. They tuck tail and run. There should be some law against this. If you claim someone of such action, you must answer for your own actions. And she doesn't care because she knows she got away with fear mongering and then hid like a coward.
Just finished watching Mathews talk about the D.A shootings in Texas. I may have misunderstood what he said about one of his guest who was "Anonymous" because he was a former member of the Aryan Brotherhood. And the said guest was a black man. Seriously! First Mathews is trying to use a a white supremacy group as the murderers to further advance his racial anti-republican agenda and anti-2nd war by trying to make 2nd amendment supporters as racist white supremacy Republicans. And he used a black man as his insider. This creep is seriously sick.
Sarah is what America needs right now. She is not afraid to tell the how and why. She is a strong and loud voice that demands attention. If anyone can be heard, can explain the wrongs with what we are dealing with, the effects and results and how to fix these issues and who has the best plans on how to do it. We need someone who will explain it in the simplest form for the most uninformed voters. She is only one voice, and that is why it is more important to bring attention to others with the same voice, so that that one voice becomes numerous in Congress.
Where there more mas gun murders last year, or more murders due to gangs and drugs?
Um, are you aware of who the first cowboys were and what they did?
How is boycotting the Super Bowl have anything to do with this?
They should move this show and find a new exhibitor. Louisiana would be a great place.
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