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Hundreds of Coal Miners Attend Romney Rally in Ohio

jwright11 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 8:51 PM
These coal miners were forced to attend and their pay was docked. They are now speaking out. Google Romney coal miners and see what pops. Why didn't the author of this piece mention that?

Over the weekend, hundreds of Ohio coal miners stood in line to get into a rally hosted by not pro-union President Obama, but by presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. After all, you can't unionize if you don't have a job.

 Mitt Romney today stood in front of eastern Ohioans seemingly straight out of the mine — hard hats, smudged faces, and blue and gray uniforms — as he accused President Obama of “waging war” on coal.

On the outskirts of Beallsville, there’s no doubt that coal is king. Signs dot the rural roads: “Stop the...