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Doubling Down on Anti-Gun News

JWK Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 3:31 PM
Speaking of the mass killing of children with assault weapons I have not heard anyone mention that weapons from "Fast and Furious" were used in the murder of 16 teenagers attending a party where gunman broke in and mowed them down. In this scenario Holder and the President knowingly gave weapons to murders that are best known for cutting up people with chain saws for amusement. This was not an over site, this was intentional. That innocent people would be killed was a given; exactly who and where were unknown. Just to underscore the fanaticism and hypocrisy,... They supplied guns to killers, that were used in the mass killing of children, in order to advance gun control to (supposedly) prevent the mass killing of children.

Everyone can imagine the horror of a madman shooting up an elementary school, especially the horror of losing your six-year-old in the melee. But at some point, the news media's wallowing in Newtown reminds one of Don Henley's satirical song "Dirty Laundry," and how the anchors' eyes gleam through plane-crash news because "it's interesting when people die; we love dirty laundry."

The "O" word that defines the media at times like these isn't "objective." It's "opportunistic."

To be sure, the "news" manufacturers aren't hoping for a school shooting. But that doesn't mean they aren't ready to exploit it. Newsweek columnist...