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Gallup Reports Upper-Income Spending Worst November Ever

jwilson937 Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 10:48 AM
Told you so, the "upper Income spenders" are readying themselves for the "taxing bust" coming in 2013; contemplating how they can move themselves, families, and businesses, out of good ole' U.S. of America, that is no longer so. I'm looking over the country, even squinting in the Sandy Hurricane Destruction, Midwest Drought, West Coast State Governments' Meltdown. Guess What?! I DO NOT SEE ONE JOB BEING NEWLY CREATED BY ANYONE. We are all sitting on our couches, watching Big Bird, Charlie Brown Christmas movies and Christmas Carols, waiting, waiting, TO GET THROWN UNDER THE BUS BY KING OBAMA.

With the generally upbeat spending reports on black Friday and cyber-Monday, Gallup paints a different point of view in its most recent poll that shows U.S. Consumer Spending Holds Steady, Consistent With 2011

Americans' self-reported daily spending averaged $73 in November, essentially on par with September and October. It is also similar to the $71 Americans spent last November and slightly higher compared with November 2010 and 2009 -- but still much lower than in November 2008.

November 2012 vs. November Prior Years