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Where did God tell you not to associate with sinners or those who do? How are you supposed to witness to them, who need it the most, if you completely distance yourself from them?
Careful there. It's the left that defines corporations as soulless, inhuman organizations that have no values. Successful companies are guided by values.
You keep on using that word, "fascist". I do not think it means what you think it means. What about these protesters has to do with rampant nationalism and fanatical devotion to a central leader?
Every time a Republican with a good, long track record gets labeled a RINO by another conservative faction, a Democrat gets his wings.
Why would One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest make us rethink our position? Most of the major characters in that story were there voluntarily, not committed; and it was never suggested that the people who were committed would be better off elsewhere. The problem was the way Nurse Ratched ran the ward, not the fact that the ward existed.
Let me get this straight. you would have taught your son to not be autistic?
Gonna go out on a limb and assume you don't know Adam Lanza's father, the person we're talking about, personally.
"A lot of Parents never see their 'kids' as adults." Adam was 20 when he did this, by the way. "kid" seems perfectly applicable to a 20-year-old, even assuming (and we are only assuming) that he wasn't saying this in response to a question about Adam growing up.
"It is pretty safe to say in this case: Mom had a sick relationship with one of her sons. Dad was feckless at best. They contributed greatly in these killings." Safe to say that you're jumping to conclusions. And just because you've had a rough childhood doesn't make your psychological appraisal any less "pop," unless it ended with "and then I studied psychology for several years."
Let he who can relate remotely to what this man must be going through cast the first stone.
Read the link, judge for yourself.
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