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Atheist Attacks on Christmas

jwilliams Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 2:50 PM
Now that's a whole other can of tuna. Tolkien was pretty clear on some occasions that he didn't want people to think Lord of the Rings was about anything other than Lord of the Rings - he did not like allegory. There are plenty of stories that abound with Christian symbolism, of course - I'm told Chronicles of Narnia lays it on pretty heavy, for one - but I don't remember LotR being one of them. It's been a while and I could be wrong. And I guess now that I'm really thinking about it, Scrooge's first visit is a warning that he's hellbound if he doesn't change his ways. So fine - I suppose there are Christian symbols in the story. The Christian nature of the holiday just doesn't seem to be the focus.
Bill O'Reilly asked this question on his Fox News program last week: "Why do I have to be the leader defending Christmas against its attackers?" O'Reilly was criticizing Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee's renaming his state's Christmas tree a "holiday tree."

Good question. It's time for Christians to realize that their religion is under attack, and they had better start fighting to win the war for religious liberty in public opinion, in the courts and in the schools.

The war against Christianity has been waged by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and similar groups....

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